City of London

The City of London refers to the "square mile" or the original area of the walled town. Credit for its foundation is given to the Roman General Aulus Plautius in AD43. He bridged the Thames, started the town, and in a few years it was a great trading centre. Boudicca and her warriors destroyed it in AD60, but the town was soon rebuilt. It continued to be an important town for the next 1000 years, and after the Norman conquest, became the capital of England.

In fact the capital developed with two centres

The great Fire in 1666 destroyed 13,000 houses in the old town, but gave a marvellous opportunity for rebuilding - note particularly St Paul's Cathedral. The area continued to develop as a financial centre of the world

Bombing destroyed 20% of the buildings in World War II, but again re-building has covered the scars

Places to note are


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City of London