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The old "East End" of London, with its cockneys, pearly kings and queens and commercial docks, has begun to disappear forever. The Port of London, once the main artery for the import of most goods into Britain has declined due to the rise of the airport, the container and the channel tunnel.

However the area has now been reclaimed for people. Dockland has a new wave of development, with both businesses (like the Canary Wharf complex) and residential conversions of warehouses, breathing new life into the area

Execution Dock, River Thames Trafalgar pub Mayflower Inn

Reminders of the past remain as in the "E" for Execution Dock where pirates like Captain Kidd were hung in 1701 and his body displayed in chains. Or pubs like the Trafalgar and the Mayflower, both right on the river, and where patrons could land directly by ship.

Whitechapel was of course, the scene of the "Jack the Ripper" murders in 1888. Stepney's Limehouse area has changed from the Chinatown of earlier years to a posh residential area today.

On the south side of the river after crossong Westminster bridge from Westminster, there is

Greenwich Woolwich
And downstream, between Greenwich and Woolwich is the Thames Barrier, a series of massive gates that can be raised to protect the capital against flooding if a tidal surge threatens.

Woolwich is home to the Royal Artillary Barracks, built in 1776. They do not build army barracks like this these days!


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