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London, tourist guide for Britain's capital city and leading tourist destination

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Pageants and Ceremonies ceremonies Central Tourist Area city centre tourist area
Westminster and West End West End of London North - Hampstead and Regents Park North London
Museums and Markets Museums and Markets West - Richmond, Kew, Hampton West  London
Shopping, where the action is shopping in  London East - Greenwich, East End East End
History, our glorious past history of the city South - Croydon and suburbia southern suburbs


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Ceremonies and pageants are, of course, part of our nation's rich history. Over the ages, as the capital has grown, it has acquired more and more of them. Sometimes it seems that someone has forgotten to cancel the original order, sometimes we may have forgotten why we had them in the first place. But have them we do, and rich and colourful they are.

Some, like the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, take place daily, others like the Lord Mayor's show are annual events. Here is a brief guide to some of them

The West End of London is part of Westminster, a district which occupies about 4 square miles. This is the nerve centre of the nations law making and administration, with Parliament and Government offices.

Old Westminster runs into the modern West End - the shopping centre of Britain, and also with many restaurants, night clubs, cinemas, theatre and hotels

Here are a few of the highlight of Westminster, starting in the south, where it all started with Parliament and the Abbey, and working north eventually to Oxford Street

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